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PAMS Maritime
PAMS Maritime
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Who whe are and what we do

Who we are
We are a highly experienced team of global marine consultants, with decades of combined experience providing innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions to the marine industry.
We have an innovative free thinking approach, unbiased towards the use of any particular type of vessel or methodology, undertaken by experts and specialists from across the industry sectors.

Where we are
The head office is located in Pasay, area of Manila City near to LRT station Vito Cruz. Easy access to our office with parking.15, M. Roxas Str. Alcantara -  The Philippines 1000

The company operates brand and corresponding office in Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Croatia, Costa Rica, China, Egypt, France, Greece, Guam, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, Korea Republic, Malaysia, Maroco, Mexico, Myanmar, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, Venezuela, and Vietnam.
PAMS Offered services
For over three years, our firm has been carrying out professional technical consultancy, design, and assistance for shipping activities. We mainly deal with third party ship inspections, pre-purchase surveys, ISM-ISPS-MLC audits, Dry-dock Supervising, operation manuals, PMS, Plans and study, Classification and Statutory survey - certification via Phoenix Register of Shipping, Lay-up, ULD Hatch covers Ultrasonic test, vetting, s&p.

Pacific Admiralty Maritime Services
Registration No: 4088965
Where We Are
15, M. Roxas Str. Alcantara
Philippines 1000
Contact us
Phone: +63-9278-333-630
Email: info@admiraltypacific.com

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